What you need to obtain is the solutions to your R&D issues,
not the the driving simulator itself.

The Driving simulators are introduced as useful tools for R&D activities.
However, it might be hard to fully utilize the simulators for users who are not familiar with CG modeling or detailed scenario data settings.
We will conduct simulator testing/experiment for you, by creating CG models and scenario data necessary as you planned, using our Sirius-based high performance driving simulator.


According to your needs, we have two services.
01| Testing/Experiment contract, and 02| Renting the simulator.


Our Sirius-based driving simulator is dedicated to Automotive R&D,
working with the Unreal Engine 4 for attractive realistic rendering,
the open-source multi-agent traffic simulation Re:sim for detailed and fine control of scenario objects,
and the hardwares such as actual on-board devices to be evaluated.


Please contact us for more detail by e-mail or Facebook.