Sirius Architecture

Sirius is a software suite which provides function of simulator by the coordination of the programs in the suite.

  • Photorealistic CG

    Adopt “Unreal Engine 4”(UE4) for rendering real-time photorealistic computer graphics

  • Realistic Traffic

    Open source multi-agent traffic simulation “Re:sim” developed by Misaki Design for scenario control of surrounding vehicles and/or realization of complex traffic flow

  • Multiplayer

    Multiple connection of the interfaces for control of simulated vehicle, bicycle, pedestrian, and so forth realizes the experiment or evaluation testing of concerning interaction between vehicle and vehicle, vehicle and bicycle, etc.

  • Flexibility & Customization

    Developing “Function Extender” program actualizes complex scenario control, and furthermore, control of hardware systems such as motion system

  • Application Cooperation

    Simulink coordination by using C-MEX S-Function customization

System Configuration Setting by “Score”

Using the execution management program “Score”, the path of execution file and other configuration is assigned. These configurations are defined by each of testing project, and this eliminate negative effects of software update. Not all the programs are necessarily to be assigned, i.e., one can run the simulation, for example, only using UE4 and S-Interface, or run without UE4 graphics.

Coordination with UE4

Sirius Plugin is prepared to coordinate with UE4. Using the plugin, the data sent from each programs of Score, S-Interface, Re:sim and Function Extender is available in the UE4 blueprint to control the graphics.

Connection with Re:sim

“Re:sim” is the multi-agent traffic simulation program developed by Misaki Design and will be an open source project in early 2020. It is designed to work as a control engine of the surrounding vehicles and other traffic participant in the Sirius, as well as stand-alone traffic simulation software.
(Detailed information on the Re:sim will be introduced in the dedicated web site in near future)


S-Inerface is the interface program to interact with vehicle driver, bicycle rider, pedestrian, etc. to control the corresponding object in the simulation. Following diagram represent the configuration for the case of driving simulator. By using corresponding device interface DLL, the sensor values, such as encoder implemented in the steering system, can be directly obtained instead of using gaming steering controllers. Furthermore, the vehicle model can be described in the Simulink model by the S-Function coordination scheme.

Function Extender

Function Extender is the optional program to use. It can realize highly complex scenario control, work as the interface to control the connected hardware.

UDP communication protocol is used for exchanging data with Score, S-Interface , UE4 and Re:sim.

The main advantaged of developing Function Extender compared with the blueprint of UE4 will be the simple way of description of the logic with the code and the distribution of the computation load, fast processing speed.